Are you thinking about updating your bathroom? If so, check out these major bathroom design trends from Patty Lawlis.

Classic White Meets Mediterranean

The days of utilitarian bathroom designs are long gone. Today’s bathrooms are all about luxury and tranquility. A bathroom is meant to be a relaxing and therapeutic space, where the homeowner can unwind after a long day. To create a spa-like atmosphere, many homeowners are opting for a classic white palette with Mediterranean-inspired accents like Spanish mosaic tile and Moroccan terra cotta. Combining Mediterranean elements in a bathroom with a white tub, walls, sink and cabinetry creates a soothing, exotic oasis perfect for relaxation.

Smart Storage

Just because bathrooms are no longer utilitarian, that doesn’t mean practical storage is a thing of the past. Adequate storage space is essential in bathrooms, and storage can be added with stylish cabinetry or an interesting piece of antique furniture. Open shelving also remains popular and provides a great way to store and display items like towels and candles.

Luxurious Showers and Tubs

Another way for homeowners to achieve a spa-like feel in their bathroom is through the shower and tub. More and more homeowners are swapping out conventional style tubs and showers for larger, separate pieces. Luxurious glass showers with a portable or built-in bench have become common, as have large free-standing tubs.

Heated Floors

Underfloor heating systems have amassed great popularity in recent years and are now believed to be the most efficient way to heat a room. In-floor heating has become especially common in bathrooms, where there are cold tile and wood floors. With a heated floor, homeowners can step out of the shower to instantly have their feet and legs warmed up. Heated floors not only warm your feet and legs, but also they heat up the objects in the room and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout.

These are some of the biggest bathroom design trends. For a bathroom that truly embodies relaxation and luxury, incorporate these design elements into your space.