4 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2016

interior design trendsAs the New Year draws near, we often think about ways we can improve ourselves in the upcoming year. It won’t be long before many Americans set resolutions— such losing weight or spending more time with family— that they hope to achieve in the New Year. While it’s common to set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, what about our homes?

A new year is often viewed as a clean slate, a time to start fresh. This makes it the perfect time to think about making upgrades to your home. Interior design expert Patty Lawlis offers her insight on the hottest interior design trends of 2016. Make a style statement and transform your home with these hot trends:

1. Bold accents. In 2016, we can expect homeowners to utilize bold accents to add style and personality to their home, such as in the form of artwork, area rugs, furniture and decorative vases. Incorporating multiple bright colors into a space makes it feel fresh, modern and energetic and can even elevate your mood.

2. More DIY projects. With convenient platforms like Pinterest, many homeowners will continue to pursue D.I.Y. home decorating projects in the New Year. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and inspiration for everything from creating artwork with family photos, to refurbishing old furniture, to making a beautiful light fixture.

3. Mixed metals and metallic finishes. The old “don’t mix metals” design rule is a thing of the past. So, along with mixing bold colors, mixing different metals and metallic finishes is a popular home style trend. Whether it’s platinum, gold, steel or copper, when styled correctly, contrasting metals can create a deeply layered, sophisticated feel.

4. Contrasting textures. Combining different textures— from wood and tile to velvet, leather and suede— helps give a space depth and dimension. By incorporating these different textures, you create a space that’s more inviting, interesting and reflective of your style.

These are a few of the interior design trends Patty Lawlis predicts will be popular in 2016. Which trend will you follow to update your home?